JORGE A BARCO ("JB" Shepherd)

Born in Boston USA, and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Jorge grew up in a musical environment at an early age.
His mother was a pianist and recording artist, and he developed under an influence of Classical music, Jazz, Rock and other genres.

By the time he was a teenager, he lead two of Colombia's most prominent Rock Bands, Mr. Merlin & Albatross and Kyrie Eleison, progressive groups in the likes of YES and Pink Floyd. Jorge played keyboards and guitar, one of the pioneer synthesists in the country.

During his teens, Jorge had an intimate personal experience of Jesus Christ, and begun a long journey of conversion and deep spirituality.

As he graduated from High School, he pursued an Aviation Career, a dream he had since early childhood.
He went on to become an airline pilot, commanding large jet planes on international routes.
Parallel to his flying duties in the eighties, he continued to promote the Rock scene in Colombia, leading the prominent band SHIP, which released “BORN” distributed on Polydor Records.
The group landed four top ten radio hits, two of which went to number one. The arena act toured extensively for three years and is probably one of the best Rock bands ever to come out of that country.

During the nineties, he focused his talents on the Contemporary Christian Music scene, recording his first Christian production under the name Jorge D'Angelo, released in the USA, and in Brasil under the ASJ label.
Jorge's most recent release is "Holy ground" with the band SHEPHERD, an inspiring and energetic, all original ten track CD.

Jorge is presently back in the secular market with Grandma James, a promising Rock band with a soon to be released EP.
He is now based in Madrid, Spain.